Touring Victoria Falls

Touring Victoria Falls

There are many exciting things to do when touring Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in South Africa, as well as many interesting facts about this tourist attraction.

Interesting Facts to Ponder When Touring Victoria Falls

  • The spray from the waterfall creates a rainstorm that lasts up to 24 hours from the pounding water that rises over 60 feet into the air.
  • In touring Victoria Falls, one would be wise to consider getting a waterproof cover for their camera since most tourists do carry one on sightseeing trips; as well as a waterproof bag for their passport since they are required to show it at the entrance gate of touring Victoria Falls National Park. It would not be a good idea to get one’s passport wet since most tourists need it to travel between countries.
  • The Falls are conveniently located at the end of  Main Street town centre and the edge of them can be reached through the moist and cool tunnels of the rain forest.
  • Morning sunrise over touring Victoria Falls is a magical time of the day because the sun’s rays tints the spray various shades of pink and gold.
  • Because of the slippery nature of the path surrounding the Falls, potential tourists should wear suitable running or walking shoes.
  • The Victoria Falls Bridge, which was commissioned around 1900 by Cecil John Rhodes, offers a breathtaking view down a gorge off to one side and the Falls on the other.
  • One would need to take in an aerial view to fully appreciate the immense size of the Falls.

Things To Do When Touring Victoria Falls

  • Some of the things to do when touring Victoria Falls would be to partake in the “wild one-day whitewater trip”, or other adventurous safari pursuits.
  • Other touring Victoria Falls activities include walking with lion’s cubs, riding on elephants, canoeing on the upper Zambezi River, as well as river cruises.
  • Helicopter flips and some of the highest bungee jumping are some “off the ground” adventures to be enjoyed by thrillseekers at the Falls.
  • There is also horseback riding to be done here as well; either short trails for the novice riders or multi-day safaris for the more experienced.
  • Riding the Safari Express train excursion from Livingstone Station or fishing off of the Zambezi River, in addition to guided tours of the markets as well as the museums of Livingstone and the surrounding rain forest.
  • Tourists can purchase intricate animal carvings in stone, masks, wood, marimbas, spoons, walking sticks, drums, jewelry and book ends at the Mukuni Victoria Falls Craft Village.
  • There is a wide range of accommodation Victoria Falls;  from hotels, to luxury camps, bed and breakfasts, campsites, and resort complexes. All of these are quite centralized which makes it rather easy to move around and explore.

So the next time one is at a loss on where to take an vacation, consider  touring Victoria Falls; the exotic Zimbabwe tourist attraction along the Zambezi River. Offering a wide range of activities and accommodations that are found in other places but with a much more richer and rewarding experience a tourist will never forget. When touring Victoria Falls do not forget your water proof clothing.