Accommodation in Victoria Falls

Accommodation in Victoria Falls – Things to Do In Victoria Falls for your Vacation

Accommodation in Victoria Falls

If you are looking for a great vacation destination, then look no further than Victoria Falls as it is one of the world’s most attractive destinations. In fact Victoria Falls is one of the Seventh Wonders of the World and is located in the southern part of Livingstone, Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is the world’s best known curtain of falling water. It releases, hisses and roars 546 million cubic meters of falling water each minute. If you are planning a trip to Zimbabwe then make sure that you visit Victoria Falls.  With so much to do in Victoria Falls you will need to source and secure appropriate accommodation in Victoria Falls, as you will need more than one day to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Choosing Appropriate Accommodation in Victoria Falls

An important aspect of your Victoria Falls vacation is your accommodations. Choosing the right accommodation in Victoria Falls can be quite confusing because there many types of hotels to choose from. Simply looking at brochures and websites can make any accommodation in Victoria Falls look great even if that isn’t the case. However, if you follow these two simple tips you will be able to adequately select the best accommodation in Victoria Falls that will match your needs and budget.

Location – The closer you are to Victoria Falls the better, as this means you will not only get a great view of the falls, you will also have easier access to it. Being close to the falls also allows you to benefit from free transportation to and from the falls to enjoy activities such as elephant back riding, white water rafting and a sunset cruise.

Price – Most holiday destinations will offer rates to suit any budget. All you need to do is shop around before you make your final selection.

Once you have selected your accommodation in Victoria Falls it is now time to plan your activities. Here is a list of some great things to do in Victoria Falls.

Accommodation in Victoria Falls and Things to Do

White Water Rafting – This is by far the most widely known things to in Victoria Falls. You can either spend the entire day rafting or spend only half day leaving time to do other things. Rafting isn’t offered year round as it is seasonal and depends on the water level. Therefore if you want to go rafting the best time book your trip and accommodation in Victoria Falls during the months of May to July.

Bunji Jumping – If you crave adventure then by all means go bonji jumping off the 100 year old Victoria Falls Bridge. This is certainly not for the faint of heart as it is a 111 meter plunge.

Visit the Local Villages – If you are more into experiencing unique and rich cultures then ensure that you visit the local villages in Victoria Falls.

Accommodation in Victoria Falls – What Makes it so Unique

Victoria Falls is an exceptionally beautiful forest that comprises of a variety of trees in different sizes.   The forest is covered in mist, which makes it even more spectacular and unforgettable. Additionally one of its most unique features is the fact that accommodation in Victoria Falls is also the only location in the world where it rains all day.